“VERDE BRILLANTE, sensibilità e intelligenza del mondo vegetale” the book of Prof. Mancuso

Are plants intelligent life being? Starting from this simple question Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola lead the reader in an unusual and fascinating journey around the plant world. The authors clarify the ancient origin of certain stereotypes and reveal the hidden powers of plants. If you define intelligence as the capacity to solve problems, plants have a lot to teach us. Not only are they ‘smart’ in how they grow, adapt and thrive, they do it without neuroses. Verde brillante has been published by GIUNTI (only in Italian at the moment) the 20 March 2013. Prof. Mancuso will present the book Friday 19 April, at 16.00 at Villa Bardini (Costa San Giorgio 2, Firenze) hosted by the Italian Society of Horticulture.