Fluorescence Microscopes

The Zeiss fluorescence inverted Axio observer Z1 has the most sophisticated microscopic techniques for cell observation, cell manipulation and cell analysis.
The optics is optimized for differential interference contrast for homogeneous illumination across the entire field of view and the fluorescence has an apochromatic correction for optimum imaging
of all wavelengths. Furthermore it is equipped with the ApoTome system, and combined with a micromanipulation and microinjection system.
The Zeiss fluorescence Stereo Discovery V12 provides 3D observation of small objects at simultaneous magnification with low total magnifications (approximately 5x to 60x), wide object fields (of up to about 30 mm) and large working distances (approx. 80 mm) between object and microscope front optics.

LINV owns also a Vibrating blade microtome (vibratome) for cutting fresh and fixed tissue provided of a display for slice counter/thickness and you can achieve sections of the highest quality that retain viable cells on the section surface. This precise instrument maintain cell morphology as well as enzyme and cell activity to provide more viable cells per slice.