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Plants as biosensors

Plants have amazing and significant sensing capabilities: each single root apex can simultaneously and continuously monitor many chemical and physical parameters. While there are artificial sensing devices that can monitor environmental parameters of interest, such as temperature or humidity, we suggest the use of plants themselves as sensing devices. In particular, we claim that plant […]

Plant Communication

Plants are dynamic and highly sensitive organisms that actively and competitively forage for limited resources, and not passive entities, merely subjected to environmental forces. Plants can accurately compute their circumstances, use sophisticated cost benefit analysis, and take defined actions to mitigate and control diverse environmental insults. They are capable of a refined self and non-self […]

The Jellyfish Barge is under construction

Thanks to the generous contribution of Regione Toscana, and Fondazione Ente Cassa di Risparmio, the Jellyfish Barge is now under construction at Tombolo, a small doc along the Navicelli Channel (Pisa). The JFB is a floating greenhouse, made of recyclable materials. Follow the construction on Twitter @Pnat_project

Can the plants inspire future technologies?

Let’s get inspired by plants, they are just incredibly smart! here a post published by Aymard DE TOUZALIN Can the plants inspire future technologies? Sure! Plants are just incredibly smart: they adapt to the most adverse environmental conditions, they have unmatched drilling capabilities, they have a unique capacity to sense, they move and even communicate […]

Piante e modernità, prof. Mancuso speakes at Museum of Nature South Tyrol

16.05.2014 Indirizzo: Museo di Scienze Naturali dell’Alto Adige, via Bottai 1, Bolzano – Ora: ore 20 Le piante sono organismi costruiti in maniera differente dagli animali. Ciò che nell’animale è concentrato, nella pianta è distribuito. L’animale è costretto a mangiare, la pianta produce cibo. L’animale è un individuo, la pianta no. La comunicazione, il comportamento, […]

Prof. Mancuso @ Internet of Everything Italian Forum 31.01.14

Prof. Mancuso’s talk Il tema dell’Internet of Everything ha per Cisco una portata storica paragonabile alla profonda e irreversibile trasformazione che avvenne con la rivoluzione industriale. Sta già accadendo qualcosa di straordinario: a mano a mano che persone, nuovi processi, dati e cose potranno tra loro connettersi e interagire grazie alla rete, l’impatto sarà sempre […]

The New Yorker on plant intelligence

“The Intelligent Plant” written by Michael Pollan explores plant neurobiology. The new way of understanding plants. Read about the LINV and the work we are doing in the full paper on the New Yorkers “The Intelligent Plant” or download the PDF